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Organic + Healthy Meals Services I Subscribe to

Organic + Healthy Meals Services I Subscribe to

I am a firm believer in making my life easier in any way possible. Sometimes cooking healthy meals is just too time consuming! I am human & sometimes having healthy food at my fingertips with no prepping, cooking, cleaning, etc. is just NICE! So without further ado, I've rounded up my fave healthy, organic, plant based meal delivery services that deliver nationwide {U.S} - so no matter where you live, these are available!

Let's get to it! 



SAKARA LIFE definitely ranks as one of the most luxury 100% organic & plant based meal services. Their thoughtfully crafted meals are packed with tons of super foods, antioxidants, & the perfect macro balance to keep you energized & full until the next meal. 

Here's why Sakara Life stands out: 


"Our meals are inspired by everything from the latest microbiome research to Michelin-starred restaurants in NYC, and combine expert nutritional design with sophisticated culinary technique."


"To ensure your meals are as delicious and nutritious as possible, we source all of our ingredients from trusted suppliers and organic farms that use healthy, sustainable agriculture practices."


"Within 48 hours of fresh, locally-sourced ingredients arriving at our kitchens, your meals are on their way to you, packed in chic, eco-friendly cooler bags or boxes (depending on location)."

HERE's some common FAQ's:

Are your programs gluten-free? Yes - all of our meals are 100% gluten-free!

Are your programs vegan? Our meals are 100% plant-based, but we do occasionally use honey and bee pollen. 

Can you accommodate food allergies? Please contact us at to set up your allergies. There is an additional charge. 

My experience: For my first week on Sakara's meal program, I received breakfast, lunch, & dinner for 5 days. I'll admit I was a little concerned how filling the dinners would be since all meals are 100% meat free. However, I was pleasantly surprised. The meals are very generously sized {especially lunches & dinners} & contain protein rich plant sources so that you're not starving in between meals! In fact, the lunches were so filling, I hardly snacked during the 5 days! All the meals were super fresh -- 4 & 5 day meal programs ship in 2 shipments to ensure maximum freshness. Honestly, the meals were delicious! I've tried a lot of meal services out there & Sakara is by far the tastiest one I've tried. All the dressings/sauces/ingredients are perfectly balanced & refreshing. Obviously, I became hooked!

Now, onto the price point. Sakara's meal program is definitely not cheap. But you get exactly what you pay for! The quality of the meals is exceptional. A 5 day meal subscription will run you $350/week. That being said, I'm a student & $350 a week is just not possible! No problem, Sakara's meal program is super flexible. Want just lunches -- 3/4/5 days? You can edit your subscription to include the meals you want for either 3/4/5 days out of the week. You can skip weeks you don't need the meals {charge & hassle free}. No longer want the subscription? Canceling is free & easy! I personally subscribed to their lunches 4 days/week, this way wherever I am, I have my healthy lunch packed + ready to go!

And if you want to try Sakara out, subscribing will save you $, plus you can cancel after the first week free of charge! Also, my referral code will save you an additional 15% off your first order -- REF_MICHELLEZ15

Onto the NEXT ONE!

daily harvest.jpg

DAILY HARVEST is a subscription based organic smoothie + more service! While Daily Harvest's main products are smoothies, they also have launched overnight oat, chia seed bowls, lattes, & even chilled soups! 

HOW DOES IT WORK? Each smoothie/overnight oat/chia bowl/chilled soup comes in its own cup. For smoothies, simply fill the cup with liquid of choice {your fave nut mylk, coconut water, tea, etc -- The SKY's the limit!, pour contents in a blender & BLEND! Pour back into cup & enjoy! Chilled soups prep is pretty similar -- instead just fill the cup with warmed broth or water, throw into a blender & BLEND! Now overnight oats & chia seed bowls, simply pour in liquid of choice {I love mine with a creamy almond/macadamia nut mylk} and put in the refrigerator overnight. There you go! It's ready by the morning! Honestly, this is my go to for breakfasts! My faves are the cinnamon protein + banana overnight oats, the pumpkin + chai overnight oats, & the chai + coconut smoothie {I add in cold brew & turn it into a frozen chai latte!}. Shipping & delivery is super convenient. Each package ships with dry ice to ensure your order stays frozen. Dry ice is sealed within the bag {no need to worry} inside the shipping box. Just make sure you place the box in a well ventilated area until the dry ice evaporates! 

INGREDIENTS -- Daily Harvest uses 98% organic ingredients. And while they are not certified organic, I love the reason why they are not certified! 

"We choose to support farms that are Certified Transitional, who are on a three-year path to becoming USDA Certified Organic. While transitional produce is grown without synthetic pesticides, it cannot be labeled "organic" in supermarkets due to USDA regulations."

"By working with transitional organic farms, we're able to provide farmers with financial security. The easier we can make it for a farm to pursue an organic certification, the more likely others are to follow suit. Ultimately, we're working to create a healthier, more sustainable food system."

I love that the company supports farms that made the transition from pesticide to organic farming! By supporting these farmers, it encourages more farms to switch to organic, which is essential. In the U.S today, organic produce still tests for pesticide contamination due to pesticide runoff in the water & air. By encouraging pesticide farms to go organic, we can reduce this contamination in the future!

HERE's some common FAQ's: 

Are your products gluten- free? All of our recipes are dairy- and gluten-free, though everything is made in a facility that processes dairy, soy, and gluten.
Why do you use frozen ingredients? Fruits and vegetables destined for freezing are picked at peak ripeness and frozen within hours of harvest to lock in nutrients, flavor, and texture. Grocery store produce, on the other hand, is harvested green and left to ripen in transit, leaving you with blah flavor and sad nutrient contents.

Are your products vegan? Yes. Daily Harvest recipes are entirely plant-based.

Will my cups stay frozen in transit? Each box is packed with enough dry ice to keep cups frozen, even in the event that your delivery spends an extra day in transit. Our team also modifies dry ice quantities according to seasonal or regional weather patterns.

Let's talk price point -- Daily Harvest offers many different subscription sizes & frequency. They offer weekly delivery of either 6/9/12/24 cups that you choose or a monthly delivery of 24 cups of your choice! Again, this subscription is super flexible! You can skip weeks at no cost or cancel anytime free of charge! I personally have the 6 cups/wk at about $50 at $7.99 per cup. The more cups you sign up for, the cheaper the cup price {24 cups per week is discounted to $6.99 per cup}. 

If you're interested in trying Daily Harvest, my referral code RE-K957L5T will give you 3 cups FREE with your first order!



KETTLEBELL KITCHEN. Don't necessarily want 100% plant based meals? Or perhaps you're looking for paleo/keto options? Don't worry, I've got you covered!

Kettlebell Kitchen is a prepared meal delivery service that offers a wide range of meal plans based on specific diets {paleo, keto, & even vegetarian}. Or if you don't want to subscribe to a meal plan, you can simply choose which meals you want for the week {a la carte} no strings attached! The main difference is the meal programs are catered to your specific goals/diet & arrive weekly in two deliveries to ensure maximum freshness! The subscription is still very flexible, with the options to pause {to skip weeks} or cancel with no charges! I personally just do a la carte and pick the meals I want to receive for the week.

They have 8 meal plans to choose from -- all with different lifestyles/goals in mind. Here they are:

Fat Loss – contains meals that have a low caloric intake while being rich with greens, fiber, healthy fats and lean protein.
Muscle Gain – contains foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates.
Sports Performance – consists of a heavy carbohydrate, starch, and protein diet to aid in the recovery process and help excel overall performance
Pure Paleo – strictly follows the paleo diet of being ingredients that one can hunt or gather.
Fat Loss Sport – same low caloric intake and nutrient rich foods while also maintains carbohydrate intake.
Vegetarian – meals that follow a plant-based diet.
Flexitarian – most part is plant-based, but also contains other meals that can have meat in them.
Endurance – supports prolonged physical activity and assists in the recovery process.

And while, they don't guarantee all ingredients are organic, their beef is 100% grass fed, the poultry & pork is antibiotic & hormone free, & the fish is wild caught.

The price point is very affordable with medium size portion meals starting at $12 & large portion meals starting at $14. Now, what's the difference in size? I made the mistake of ordering the large portion meals the first time around. Keep in mind I'm 5'10 & 150 lbs. I'm not a hardcore athlete either. For me the medium size meals were more than enough! Even my boyfriend was completely satisfied with the medium size meals {he's not a hardcore athlete either}. The large portion meals are designed for more athletic individuals.

Here's the technical answer to the difference between the medium & large sizes:

Medium meals generally contain 4 to 4.5 ounces of protein and 6 to 8 ounces of vegetables/sides. Large meals generally contain 6 to 7 ounces of protein and 10 to 12 ounces of food vegetables/sides. 65% of customers find the Medium size meals to be filling, while our more active athletes and larger adults tend to choose the large option.

Hopefully, that helps to clarify which option is best for you! 



URBAN REMEDY has a farm to table approach to a prepared meal service. It is 100% organic, non-GMO, & plant based. The founder, a practitioner of acupuncture & Chinese Medicine designed these meals to heal, balance, & create optimal health. 

Here's their MISSION:

Eat consciously, live vibrantly.

Each of our offerings is carefully crafted using Neka's knowledge of food as healing along with her talent for combining flavors, colors, and textures to create food so good you forget it's good for you. Every ingredient is chosen based on its healing properties – from our salts and oils to our produce and sweeteners. And quality is never compromised. By applying ancient wisdom to modern-day clean eating, we empower you to be vibrantly healthy and live your best life.

Healing people and the planet

Good food is also good to the planet. We strive to make each offering low glycemic, anti-inflammatory, and food that truly nourishes every cell in your body. Everything we make is organic, plant-based, gluten-free, non-GMO, and dairy-free. Our packaging is earth-friendly, too – 100% recycled and recyclable. That means it will never end up in a landfill or ocean when you do your part and recycle it. We make our food sustainably in small batches with locally-sourced ingredients. By working with organic farms close to home, you can feel good knowing what you're eating and where it comes from.

The company offers subscriptions, kits, cleanses, or meals by a la carte. I love their salads, which I just purchase a la carte. They are super fresh + packed with super foods & antioxidants. Not to mention, their desserts are ridiculously good + free of refined sugar! {P.S. if you love Tiramisu, theirs is a winner!} This is a great option if you're seeking organic plant based meals that are on the more affordable side with most salads being around $12. 

Okay, the LAST ONE! While this is not a prepared food service, it is a grocery subscription that seriously SAVES if you're a SNACK QUEEN like me!


Thrive Market is a membership based grocery service that offers serious discounts on organic & Non-GMO brands that you would find at grocery stores like Whole Foods. Membership is super easy + affordable at under $60/year. They even offer a 30 day trial membership for free + an additional 15% off your first order! Believe me, within 2-3 purchases, you will save upwards of $60!

Here's just a small glimpse of the brands they carry:

  • Navitas Organics - superfood heaven
  • Fourth & Heart - their ghee is amazing!
  • Siete - grain free tortilla chips
  • Four Sigmatic
  • Simple Mills - crackers + baking mixes + cookies
  • Tate's Bake Shop
  • Jackson's Honest
  • Terra Chips
  • Lesser Evil
  • Seasnax
  • Annie's
  • Mamma Chia
  • Farmhouse Culture
  • Alter Eco
  • Dang
  • Go Raw
  • Banza
  • Rao's Homemade
  • Purely Elizabeth
  • Plus their own line which sells everything from organic nuts to baking mixes to tomato sauce

Added bonus- they always have additional deals going on certain items & shipping is free for orders over $49!

Honestly, this subscription has saved me hundreds of dollars a year vs the prices I used to pay at Whole Foods for snacks!

Well that's all! I hope you guys enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating the content!


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